Final A2 art piece

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This is what I did as my final piece for art A level.

Each piece represents me; every part relates to something in my life.
Firstly the Glastonbury festival top….
This represents my love for glastonbury festival. I tye dyed the top originally before sewing on paper origami and embroidering. The paper that was manipulated is an image collage of all things glastonbury. E.g The collage includes: guides, wrist bands, maps etc.

The child’s dress represents my childhood. Discretely embroidered on to the dress are images of me when I was young. Also images of the drawings I did at a young age and have kept for memorabilia. The pink barbie shoes are also significant as I loved collected them as a child.

Lastly the bikini represents my love for holidays and places I’ve visited. Images have again been sewn on to the matching garments. The images are of places…

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