A little bit of coverage goes a long way


Not sure you can make it out? but since Sue from NB No Problem posted a link to here in her blog and now I note refereed this in her updated blogs page, the counter saw a massive jump to 16 views from 13 visitors made my day! I expect Sue gets probably 100 a day but I’m only just starting out. Gives me the bump to keep up with the blogging.

A blog mention and therefore better update!!

Sue from Narrowboat No Problem, Retirement with No Problem is her blog with husband Vic. She does a Winter Wassat on her blog basically a crafty photo competition. Well yesterdays post I was straight on it and got it right so Sue kindly mentioned me in her blog as being 1st up. I don’t usually get them for a bit then many others have jumped in so I don’t bother with a comment just look back to see if I was right. Also she made a hyperlink from my name to this blog the 1st I’m aware of, so with the increased traffic that will create !! I had better get the current cruise diary done from last September!!