Karen my beloved wife you can find her here https://twitter.com/KarenMoore2013 and http://uk.pinterest.com/karenm2748 Our son is Jack you can find him here https://twitter.com/jackomoore and http://jackmoorecoaching.co.uk Then last but not least my little girl Ada-Jane https://twitter.com/AdaJane1 and she has a Website also http://adajanemoorepsddesigns.portfoliobox.net/graduatecollectionlocationshoot  so there you have it.

Me well I’m here http://twitter.com/Aidmoore and http://uk.pinterest.com/adriankm and if you want to email me try Adrian.kmatgmail.com replacing the at with @.

“Ersanmyne” is a name steeped in family history.

It’s the name of Karens grandparents bungalow in the highest village on the Mendip hills Priddy also steeped in history.

So Grampy Payne who had the bungalow built in the 30s maybe 40s not sure, called it that and we love the name “Hers and Mine” is the translation in case you didn’t guess.

So if we ever have a narrowboat of our own that what she’s going to be named!


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